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First pic's how some cartoon app sees me. Younger of my two daughters sent it to me. She sings opera all over the world so I had to show you so she'd be happy. Meganbrunning.com - check her out sometime. This second pic is more like the real me, though, TBH, I never really grew up. Old, yes... up, nope.

My ideas are as out there as any kid with no restraints*. Guess I can thank Mom 'n Dad for that.

Best up-bringin' ever. Mom a bank VP and Dad a space engineer for GE during Apollo, what's not to love. 25th in my high school class, then after some college I made it all the way to later being Director of VM for Belk, Uptons, VM VP for Famous Footwear and DVM for Paradies Shops. My career has allowed my creativity to orbit the hairball, and make significant impact on corporate profits while elevating their  interwoven designs of brick and mortars and web presences. Since 2008, I've been creating branding magic with brunningvm.com. Buzz me @ 7703354907. I know I can help you.

* unless there's a budget

concern, then we make it

work within the

amount at hand.



Branding Campaign Lead, Store Design Lead,

Creative Mentor, Visual Merchandising Training

Directed over 200
New Belk Store Installations

Every 3 weeks, my team opened a new store or remodeled one. Just like directing a play with G.O. as your curtain call!

Designed and installed 300+ stores in airports and hotels

125 stores when I got there... 500+ when I left. CNBC, PGA Tour, Harley Davidson, NYTimes, first ELVIS store, and the Georgia Aquarium are on my list of favorites!

Designed new company logo and store design - Uptons

Answering to the new CEO's

favorite VP,

I led a team that re-branded

a southern fashion chain with stores from Virginia to Key West.

Lazydays and Airstream, both first
stores ever!

Branding at it's best! I lead a team of creatives to design and build shopping experiences for the rogue travelers of the world! Now their stores appear on Travel Channel's "ExtremeRV's!"

VP of Creative for Famous Footwear

975 stores in 4 years!

Brought them all from 1960 into 2001! New digs, new tag "Shoe Love", new everything!

So - much - FUN!

What happens when the "Wayback Machine" takes you to 1942?

Nothing more fun than a mascot who's a squirrel in a top hat and magic vest who lives in a three story tree 10 steps from the entrance to a tunnel used in the days of prohibition!

Welcome to TVPC!

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